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Corten furniture in a wine cellar

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Corten furniture in a wine cellar

Corten furniture made exactly to measure and the needs of the internal wine cellars of the Palffy manor house in Svätý Jur. The corten fairings of the washbasin, fire extinguisher and corten cabinet settled like a glove. Their overall design is refined and at the same time gently lightened by the lasered motifs of the leaves.

Really interesting interior use of non-traditional Corten.

We made all non-standard Corten furniture fairings as part of the reconstruction of the Pálffy manor house in Svätý Jur, Slovakia.

Corten material must be pre-patinated with FoxyPaint for indoor use. Otherwise, it would remain in its initial silver color. For all indoor use of Corten, we recommend stabilizing the surface. We also stabilized the manufactured furniture in the manor house and is therefore abrasion-resistant and ready for use.

Corten is a truly unconventional material, but at the same time versatile.

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