Production - FoxySteel

A successful project needs a deep preparation, a precise production, an express delivery, and a professional assembly..


During the production of our Corten products, we use especially years of experience with working of material Corten with the help of highly developed technologies.

Division of the material for exact dimensions:
• Cutting the material with water beam or laser
• Perforating the material Corten overall or according to an individual task
• Bending to the asked shapes up to a thickness of 10mm
• Roll bending of the material up to a thickness of 20mm
• Welding
• Patination of the surface using the patinated paint FoxyPaint
• Stabilization of the patinated material Corten for products used in the interior


The products will be installed by our trained team of experienced installers, who have extensive experience with the application of finished products, whether in the exterior or interior. Special material also requires a special approach, not just with handling and installing our products. All its particularities often have to be taken into consideration during installation.


It is possible to buy Corten in sheets from our warehouse. Mainly it is about stocks for the needs of own production. Based on arrangement, we can format material Corten into asked dimensions. The standard storage format of the Corten tables is 1500 x 3000mm in thickness 1.5; 2.0; 5.0; 8.0 and 10.0mm. We always have to check the specific requirements according to the current stocks.

A correct welding wire is required to work with Corten. A specific type, quantity, and delivery must be authenticated with us with a direct request. MIG and TIG wires are available. The condition of the warehouse is limited with its own consumption and other orders. The price of the material is arranged individually for each request.

According to the requirements of our customer, we either give the material from our warehouse in Trnava for personal delivery or we deliver it.

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