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COR-TEN® firewood storage

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COR-TEN® firewood storage

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hanging corten wood trays

The corten wood tray can have many forms. It is an extremely practical accessory in gardens, which will help maintain order when storing wood. At the same time, the wood will be dry and always by hand. You can complete the outdoor wood tray with a sliding perforated screen, which not only protects the wood, but also looks great. We produce COR-TEN® custom made wood storages based on customers wishes and needed dimensions. You can choose your own design. It adapts perfectly to any garden. Ideal in combination with a corten grill or fireplace. You can often use the space by the fence, when the stored wood becomes a part of it. When it cools down, the wood must be prepared for the winter! It fits perfectly into the corten wood tray.

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