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COR-TEN® garden elements

The modern garden is no longer just about growing fruits and vegetables. It should also have an aesthetic value. We always try to create an outdoor living room ideal to relax in. Of course, maintenance of the garden should be very easy too. Material COR-TEN® has its unreplaceable place in gardens. The beauty of the COR-TEN really stands out particularly in the context of the surrounding nature and greenery. There is a great amount of use. It´s not just flower pots and garden beds. You can choose from many other garden elements made of COR-TEN® such as garden stairs, various screens, and separators… Especially in the garden, you can make a wonderful combination of greenery, Corten, and other natural materials such as stone, wood, or glass. Paradoxically, the “rusty” surface of natural COR-TEN® gives the garden an interesting, even exclusive, view. We During the large part of the year, we can also use the garden as an outdoor kitchen, which we grill in. Choose from our offer of corten grills or design your own, which we will make to measure for you. You will definitely appreciate the effective corten wood tray.

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