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Corten facades are an important part of our portfolio. We try to meet the individual requirements of our clients in their design so that each facade becomes unique. Due to its special composition, Corten requires no surface treatment or subsequent maintenance With the influence of weather conditions, there is created a film of patina on the surface of Corten The film of patina forms natural protection of the core of material Corten. This patina is naturally stabilized during the following 18 – 24 months. Patina is developed in color from rust-orange to dark brown over time. Inconvertible appearance of natural material Corten together with lifetime maintenance-free destines it’s for claddings of buildings.


Unique design
100 years warranty

Each Corten facade becomes unique and eye-catching thanks to its natural appearance. It brings to its owner several benefits, especially lifelong maintenance-free and durability. As a ventilated facade, it improves the thermal properties of the building. At the same time, Corten, as an environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable material, has a positive environmental benefit.

Types of facades claddings


Corten thickness (mm)





weight (kg / m2)1691515

effective width (mm)

100-1 490

1 119


150-600 (300 standard)

depth (mm) 263040

max. length (mm)

3 000

3 550

3 000

3 000

min. length (mm) 100200200200

Flat facade panels allow to reach a compact facade surface

Light wavy gives facade surface dynamics.
Manufacturer: Ruukki

The cassette design helps to create a more expressive facade structure.
Manufacturer: Ruukki

Lamellas to enhance the linearity of facades.
Manufacturer: Ruukki


If required, we can provide you a complex delivery of Corten facade cladding, including the assembly as well. A part of our delivery is also a meterage, project of a facade with visualization and the delivery of a complete system, including the carrying raster, insulation and other carrying accessories. We approach to each project individually and we carry out a technical consultation of the facade already at the design stage of the building. A significant part of our realizations consists of reconstructions, therefore assembly of facade cladding on an existing building.

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