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We truly love material Corten. We live with it every day. You can say that we already know it very well. We know exactly how it can be formed, bonded, split or perforated. There is often an important question about its combination with other natural materials or natural elements, when it is necessary to follow principles and methods that have been tested for some years.

From our point of view, the most beautiful projects are those, where we can participate from the very beginning – at the design stage. We focus on an individual design according to customer requirements. Our design harmonizes customers´ wishes with the properties of the material Corten for the optimal use of his skills. We will be happy to turn your idea into a complete design of the use of the patinated steel, either in the exterior or in the interior. For yout better vision, we design a sketch and we take Corten into the visualization. After consultations, we make a design proposal and on its basis, we will finalize the producing documentation and finally we implement a patinated steel work.

Get inspired by our designs and with the designs by young architects and designers who have joined our competition. They all have brought us a whole range of innovative use of our popular material Corten.

Exterior inspirations

Interior inspirations

Inspirations of the tables and sittings

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