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Multifunctional flowerpots POLY

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Multifunctional flowerpots POLY

Repeated shape of the polygons forms the basis of the unique polygonal flowerpot POLY.
Its exceptionality underlines its multipurpose usage as well. Either you choose the shape of the flower pot and plant the plants in it or you simply turn it upside down and get a practical, handy table. Non-standard flowerpot POLY fits perfectly on the patio or in the garden.

POLY maxi
An effective majestic flowerpot POLY immediately draws attention at first sight.
With a height of 75cm and a hole of 50cm x 50x cm it stands out wherever you put it.
Price: 559 € with VAT.

POLY midi
POLY midi The height of the flowerpot midi is 33cm and the size of a hole is 25cm x 25cm.
Price: € 279 with VAT.

POLY mini
A flowerpot of the smallest size magically fills the outside terrace or balcony. It also attracts in the interior.
The height of the POLY mini flowerpot is 25cm and the size of a hole is 13cm x 13cm.
Price: 159 € with VAT.

Design by Ing. Roman Jurinec

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