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Flowerpots LICHO

corten Licho kvetinace FoxySteel sm

Flowerpots LICHO

The simple trapezoidal shape let the beauty of the material Corten stand out. The always-changing patina underlines the naturalness of the planted flowers. The smallest flowerpot is prepared for hanging when it shows as a hanging flowerpot from all sides.
Height of the flower pot is 45cm and dimension of the hole 50cm x 50cm.
Price: 219 € with VAT.

LICHO midi
Height of the flowerpot is 25cm and the dimension of the hole 30cm x 30cm.
Price: 129 € with VAT.

LICHO mini
Height of the flowerpot is 15cm and dimension of the hole 19cm x 19cm.
Price : 89€ s DPH

Design by F o x y S t e e l Many other different sizes bases on requirements.

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